About Us

Coral Sound & Light is a full-service event production company established in 2009  in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. We specialize in the design, installation, execution, and servicing of simple to complex Event solutions in the field of A/V systems, be it conferences, Exhibitions, briefing theatres, auditoriums, Open arenas,s, etc.. all over the UAE. Coral Sound & Light incorporates into its proposed projects the most advanced technologies currently available in the marketplace.


Our goal is to become a one-stop solution platform that provides all event services. From simple ideas and suggestions to extensive event planning and administration, we can help you create, design, develop, and manage all or part of your event. Understanding the region's legacy, values, and new cultural diversity era, as well as the capacity to handle any event or project with unique ideas, strong creative concepts, and professional management services, is the cornerstone for our success.

Our Team

Coral Sound & Light has a fully equipped technical support staff that includes technicians who provide installation services, technical design, sound engineering, project management, video communications, and marketing specialists, which has allowed us to earn credentials to ensure that our projects meet the industry's highest standards.


We are preparing ourselves to assume clients' dreams and objectives from idea to tangible reality with our approach to motivating everyone in our team and providing them with an inspirational environment.


We are moving in relation to the event's core premise, providing all demands that aid in translating it into a visible and auditory reality, while taking into account all technical and aesthetic factors, all within a certain time frame.

Our Story

What Makes us Different